Why You Should Rethink Selling Your House on the MLS

The MLS is a premier real estate service that offers listings from all over the country. It’s members-only, but if you want to join this prestigious society to try selling your house, and access its latest information on homes in your area or somewhere new just arrived onto market then it’ll cost you.

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Not Finding a Good Agent

What are you supposed to do when there is so much competition in the real estate world? It can be hard picking which agent will have your best interests at heart. Do I pick an ad from somebody that has the most ads on Facebook or Google, or go off what my neighbor says about his recent sale from last week?

Spending Too Long on the Market

The MLS, or multiple listing service will keep track of how many days it has been since your house was first listed on the market. If you are looking at a situation where your listing has been active for more than 60 days, buyers become wary of your property. It might be that your house is not as desirable or in need of some repair. Or maybe there’s nothing wrong with the property itself, but you’ve been holding out for a full price offer for too long. Whatever the reason, buyers tend to shy away from properties listed for too long.

Different Types of Buyers

Sure, the MLS may bring you buyers but it’s not a guarantee. There are some who will still need financing from their bank and others might not even have been pre-qualified yet! Your home for sale can be considered an “in pocket” listing which means many highly qualified potential customers could buy in cash – all depending on how well marketed this particular property has been.

Agent Fees

When you list your house on the market, there are commission fees that are expected from both selling and buying agencies. This can add up to a large amount of money! If you’re in a situation in which you’re working with a real estate agent but not listed on the MLS, it’s likely that the commission fee will be a flat rate rather than a percentage of your sale price.

Open Houses and Showings

If you’re selling your house on the MLS, it’s going to be hard-pressed for showings. You’ll need to make your place available at all times and in an clean state that can handle constant visitors until finally moving out. Typically you’ll get only a 24 hour notice before a showing is arranged, but there are times – if you’ve chosen a bad agent – where you need to prepare the home immediately. Some sellers find it’s easier if they move out of the home when putting their house on sale because of all the hassle. But keep in mind you’ll have to take responsibility for two payments before you can guarantee a sale.

Yard Signs

The yard sign is a standard part of any real estate agent advertising their houses, but this also may mean that you might receive unexpected visitors since they saw the ad in your front lawn. It can be an inconvenience when people stop by without an agent present – how can you be sure they’re a qualified buyer?

Cash is King

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