How To Tell Which We Buy Houses Companies Are Good vs. Bad

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options of houses. How do you know which we buy houses companies are going to be best for your home sale? The internet is a great place to research your next big purchase. Check out what other people think about that company or individual, and find out if they have a website or social media channels where you can check in on them!

At SellThatHome we buy houses! If you need help figuring out if this is a great homebuyer or bad one? Check for these traits:

Fast Cash

Great home buyers will offer you a quick closing; sometimes as fast as 2 business days. They may use other payment types to suit the situation, but they almost always have cash on hand for your property. Want to know what your house is worth today? Contact us now at SellThatHome. We pay cash for houses.

Bad we buy houses companies are difficult to get in touch with, they may offer you a quick closing but constantly delay or do not return your phone calls and emails. Some companies will delay closings in order to get approved for loans, and if they aren’t approved then the whole sale falls through. This may cause them to adjust their purchase price with you as well. Great home buyers will not typically renegotiate unless extraneous situations arise or hidden facts are uncovered.

Do They Have Reviews?

A great home buyer will have a lot of reviews, mostly positive. We all know that things happen and sometimes people make mistakes so there may be some negative ones too! This should not sway you from making your decision, but make sure to read if the company has responded.

If they did, how did they handle the situation? Did you agree with their approach and if so would this have been a good match for both parties involved. It’s also possible that asking around might yield some useful information as well.

What’s Their Personality Like?

The best we buy houses companies are always ready to make an offer on the first house that catches their eye. They have a positive attitude about real estate and they follow through with it because of this great work ethic! You know that person who always calls back at the exactly time they said? They never disappoint. You can count on them to help you out when needed and be your partner in crime.

Don’t be fooled by bad home buyers. They’ll set appointments with you and never show up, or they might call back but then just ignore your messages for weeks. Imagine, for a second- you’re tidying the house and nobody comes. You’ve spent hours on it only to be ignored in return?

Do They Have References?

References are an important part of the business. A great home buyer will have multiple references that you can call to see how they work, and shouldn’t hesitate answering any questions about their company or process with confidence.

If they do, then this may be a sign that they are not-so-great at managing their business deals. Look through the website to see if it has any reviews. If the reviews are really general, and seem too good to be true then there is something wrong with their employees. It might even make you question if they wrote some of them. Do they have a presence on social media or other rating websites? What are their followers saying in the comments of these platforms?

How Committed Are They To Closing?

A great home buyer will commit to a relatively quick closing date, anywhere from 2-30 days and provide the deposit. They will not try to rush you out of the home and stay in contact with your title company.

A bad home buyer may try to extend the closing date multiple times, or ignore it altogether and have never submitted their deposit according to a contract. If the buyer is using financing, there will be very few items listed on their commitment letter. Bad home buyers may have multiple issues with funding sources and even a sudden drop in credit score!

Great We Buy Houses Companies

Selling a property in the sunshine state can be difficult, but there’s no need for worry when you work with SellThatHome. We are cash home buyers and offer fast and fair cash offers that will close on your timeline!

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