How To Save Money When Selling Your House

When you’re ready to sell, things can get very expensive quickly! That said, there are some ways you can save money when trying to sell your house. In our latest post we will explore how! You’ll be shocked by all of the tricks that work for real estate agents and homeowners alike!

When selling your house, every dollar counts. There are common things you can avoid as well as alternate selling methods that will eventually leave with more cash on the long run!

Market Your Home “As-Is”

Selling your home without making repairs can save you a fortune. Despite the best efforts of homeowners, many times these repairs will be done in order to make a home more competitive with other properties for sale on the market. Once a buyer is found, additional repairs will often be negotiated after the appraisal and inspection process. Repairing your home can cost more than you expected, and it’s important to make sure that the work being done will actually retain value.

Working with a cash buyer means that you can escape the hassles of repairs, inspections and appraisals. You will be able to save money and sell your property without any additional costs. You’ll be prepared for all the costs and fees up front, so there are no surprises. You won’t be cleaning up the property, so you can take all of your free time for yourself. We’ll take care of everything from the cleaning to repairs and upgrades. With our simple selling process, you’ll be able to sell your home without any work or hassle.

Forget About Realtors

By skipping the middle-man, you will be able to keep a hefty 6% of your final sale price in your pocket. The ease of working with SellThatHome is second to none. There are no commissions or fees, which makes it a great option for those looking to sell their home quickly without paying hefty costs! Some agents go the extra mile and are worth every penny of commission! But, a lot of the time it seems that they’re just selling your house for the extra buck, and commission fees can end up giving you a feeling of buyers’ remorse.

Sell Your House FAST

Each day that you remain the owner of your house, it will cost more to maintain. Utilities & taxes are just some costs for which homeowners must account. The faster you are able to close, the more money that will stay in your pocket. Holding costs can quickly make your projected profits fade away into nothing. Listing your home on the MLS and successfully selling takes months! In a matter of days, we could have your house sold and the money in hand. You won’t have to pay any closing costs or fees – it’s all just one big win for you.

Why Pay For Marketing & Photography?

When selling your house the traditional way, there will be advertising and marketing costs that come with it. It’s easy to tell a good listing from the bad ones. Successful and eye-catching listings utilize professional photography, staging techniques. The house will need to be cleaned from top to bottom before any of this is done.

With featured listings, both in print and online you are assured that your property will be seen by more potential buyers. The cost can sometimes seem hefty but worth it for the exposure! Marketing, cleaning, photography, all of these put together add up to an astronomical amount. You’ll be able to avoid the costs of advanced marketing and sell your house for more cash because we do all of that for you – at no additional cost.

Consider A Cash Sale

As you can see from the tips above, selling your home directly to a professional buyer is a great way not only save money but also sell quickly. You can rest assured that the sale of your house will go through with SellThatHome by our side. We’ll have funds available for purchase immediately, so you never need worry about it falling apart because there was a low appraisal.

You can expect our team to be on time and prepared for every closing. We will work with you from day one so there’s no need worry about what comes next, because we’ve got it all under control! Selling a home doesn’t have to feel challenging or expensive. Why? Because by working with SellThatHome, selling your house has never been easier!

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