Best Practices To Sell Your House As-Is

If you’re looking for a fast way to sell your house as-is, then the market may be tough. In this situation it is important to take your time and make sure that buyers like what they see. Some sellers may find themselves in the position of needing to make repairs on the whole house. Some may just have to upgrade kitchen appliances and call it a day.

There are cases when repairs can be so extensive that sellers find themselves unable to shovel out the thousands of dollars it takes to overcome them. If this situation may sound familiar, consider trying to sell your house as-is. The thing is, an as-is listing may raise complications for the selling process. However, if you keep these practices in mind, it should make the process a lot easier.

Be Transparent

When you’re preparing to sell your house in as-is condition, it’s important to make the “as-is” part perfectly clear. Put it in the title, the description, all the marketing, etc. This is an excellent way for bargain buyers to find what they’d call a “fixer-upper.”

It also helps to inform buyers who aren’t ready to invest a lot in repairs that this probably isn’t the best property for them. The buyer prospecting aspect of the sale will be much easier with this practice.

Be Aware Of Necessary Repairs

If you have the time an some extra money before listing, we recommend hiring an inspector. This way, they can check the structural integrity of the home, determine if there are any code violations, and give you a list of areas in the property that require attention. In some cases, they may even be able to quote a round-about price for the repairs. We believe this is important because it adds on to our previous statement of transparency. Think about it, if you see two listings and one just says “Needs Repairs” and the other has a detailed list of expenses to be prepared for, which one seems more honest?

Consider Covering Low Cost Repairs

As you’re getting ready to sell your house, consider investing a little cash into some inexpensive upgrades. There are several small things that can be done which have a much higher impact on ROI than others. Investing a bit in fresh coats of paint, carpet cleaning, and basic landscaping could increase your final sale price.

Price Competitively

When preparing to sell your house as is, the listing price should account for all repairs and cosmetic work. Unfortunately, full market value isn’t attainable when a house needs extensive repairs. Even after you account for the cost of repairs, be prepared to be low-balled. In this market, it can be difficult to sell a house that isn’t absolutely perfect, just hold out and the right buyer will come along.

Consider a Cash Sale

If you are unable to repair the damages on your home before selling it, we can buy homes in need of repairs for cash. SellThatHome has been a trusted cash home buyer for the last 18 years. We pay cash for houses in as-is condition, and we never charge commissions, we cover closing costs, and we can close on the date of your choice! Fill out our online form or give us a call at (407) 228-3682 for your no-obligation cash offer!

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